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There are few cities in the Philippines that can represent its history and culture, but there’s one thing we should never miss and that’s the nation capital, Manila. Located on the eastern shore Manila Bay with a total population of 1,652,171 just under 15 square miles, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the Philippines and it the world. Manila is also known as the Pearl of the Orient because of its location in the Pacific as an important trade route. This is where the seat of Philippine government is located, the center of education, economics as well as the cultural centre and a hub for theatres and museums.

The city suffered from devastation destruction during the World War II but it was since then rebuilt thus making it a spot for foreigner visitors. Then and now, touring Manila has never failed to amaze visitors with the city’s native charm and its uncommon sights.


Manila offers a plenty of different attractions. It’s sometimes difficult to find them as the city is huge but this is a good way to have a good selection of them. You can simply relax and enjoy the highlights of nation’s capital.


 The word “Intramuros” literally means “within walls” in Spanish, and is an apt name for the enclosed city. Four and a half kilometers of walls surrounds Intramuros. Several parks and monuments, both inside and outside Intramuros, offer great views over Manila city. During the World War II the walled city came under heavy bombardment from the American forces, as the Japanese used the city as a base. If you love historical place and vintage stuffs, you’ll surely enjoy this place Intramuros. Walking along the streets of the old town of Intramuros is a walk through the past in itself. Brick streets, Spanish style house and building, and the ambience at night bring back the old age. The place is truly one of the hallowed historic sights of the Philippines.


Usually called Baywalk, Manila Bay is one of the best things about Metro Manila and the Philippines in general. It is functional, serving as the port of Luzon and at the same time, a nice hub for tourist activities. The sunset on manila bay is often described as the most beautiful on earth. Come and check it out yourself so you can enjoy the magnificent golden glow of the sunset with the Bataan peninsula as a backdrop.


 Opened in 1994, Museo Pambata is a children’s museum in the Ermita District of Manila. This is a must see museum for both locals and tourist as it serves as a portal and an opportunity for the young generation to see and experience the past, present and the future. In Museo Pambata, children can use their total senses and learn various concepts at their own pace. It excites the minds of the young, inspires them to learn more, and most importantly revitalizes what child learning should be – fun and exciting!


 It has been recognized as one of the major tourist attractions in the Philippines. The Manila Zoo receives millions of visitors every year, and is especially popular with visitors on weekends. The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden is home to more than 800 animals from nearly 100 species as of 2007. The zoo's most popular resident is Mali, an Asian elephant who arrived at the zoo in 1977. Other features of the Manila Zoo include the Butterfly Dome, where you can inspect several kinds of colorful butterflies and learn about their habitat and behavior; some animals, like the ostrich, can be approached and petted. You can also visit the fish and even feed them.

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